On February 28, 2022, two girls created the “Sewing Company” volunteer initiative in Dnipro. Maryna Palchenko and Ksenia Samoilych from Dnipro began sewing special clothes with velcro and snap fasteners for soldiers crippled by the war. The girls saw that very often, due to fractures and external fixation devices, the injured cannot comfortably dress in normal clothes. Therefore, they brought everything necessary from home—sewing machines, overlocks, fabric, threads. And they started sewing. In general, over a year and a half, half a thousand tailors from all over Ukraine and even from abroad joined their initiative.

Currently, the “Sewing Company” volunteer project has united half a thousand tailors. Anyone who can sew can join it. Volunteers from Dnipro are sent ready-cut sets that need to be sewn according to the instructions. For almost a year and a half, more than 25,000 pieces of clothing were sewn at “Sewing Company”. In addition to adaptive so-called ‘cyber’ T-shirts, ‘cyber’ shorts, ‘cyber’ pants, and ‘cyber’ T-shirts, they also sew ordinary clothes for the front: armored vests, armored pants, special capes for the Armed Forces — against rain and mosquitoes, camouflage suits. However, the founders of the initiative hope that the soldiers will no longer need their services as soon as possible.