The Russian occupiers together with local traitors-collaborators report about 270,000 residents of the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region who have submitted documents to obtain Russian citizenship. It is quite difficult to check the information of the invaders about how many people have actually received a Russian passport.  Though the methods by which the invaders force people to become citizens of the aggressor country are not a secret at all: coercion, threats and blackmail.

Without a passport of the Russian Federation, it is impossible to receive social benefits and get a job. Residents of temporarily occupied territories, who have not received a Russian passports, cannot conduct business, and in case of serious illness non-citizens of the Russian Federation will not be provided medical services. And most importantly the occupiers threaten those who renounce their citizenship: they promise to imprison or send them to dig trenches on the front lines.

We debunk the main fake of Russians on the occupied territories: about the voluntary acquisition of Russian citizenship.

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Від Ivan Bilyi