Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 120 animals that were injured during the shelling have been brought to the “Give a paw, friend” shelter in Zaporizhzhia. Military personnel from the front lines deliver injured or traumatized dogs to the shelter. Often the fighters themselves are wounded, but they do not leave animals in trouble. In Zaporizhzhia, only the public non-profit charitable association for the protection of animal rights “Give a paw, friend” takes care of such dogs, although it is a very difficult and sometimes dangerous business.

One of the last dogs brought from the front line to the shelter by the military is the dog Orikh. It was miraculously saved. The projectile flew exactly to the place where one of the soldiers was feeding a dog. As a result, both of them received serious injuries: the serviceman was taken to the intensive care unit, and Orikh to the vet clinic.

Currently, volunteers are taking care of dozens of such animals, but there is not enough space. New enclosures are needed, as well as financial support to pay for vet services, purchase medicines for the treatment of sick animals at the shelter. Everyone can help animals. If it is financially difficult, but you can come and walk the dogs.

Important! You can help the shelter “Give a paw, friend” by sending funds to PayPal [email protected].