Russian propagandists are actively trying to spread fakes about Ukrainians. In particular, that “Ukraine is ruled by Nazis and fascists”, “the Anglo-Saxons are advancing”, “Ukrainians live in the cold and darkness”.

In order to add credibility to fabricated fakes, the Russians try to make these statements come from people related to Ukraine. Moreover, if the messages refer to a specific region, then from a person related to such a region, for example, Kharkiv region.

However, the propagandists are not able to find real Kharkiv leaders of public opinion who would agree to talk with a serious face about the “Ukrainian Nazis” and “military” mosquitoes for Russian television. That is why the occupiers use either runaways, or outspoken marginals, or their own soldiers, who have nothing in common with Kharkov except for their place of birth.

Among those who were persuaded by the Russians to spread the messages of propagandists is Oleksandr Aleksandrovskyi, the son of Alla Aleksandrovskа, a former members of parliament elected at one time from the now-banned KPU.

The man fled after law enforcement officers reported in 2016 that Aleksandrovska and her son tried to influence the management and members of local councils through bribery. After that, Aleksandrovskyi has been hiding in Russia.

Another speaker is Hennadii Aliokhin, a former Russian military man born in Kharkiv.

The third speaker is a blogger from Kharkiv, a supporter of the Ukrainian state traitor Viktor Medvedchuk, Oleksandr Kondrusyk.

Від Pavlo Novyk