In front-line Zaporizhzhia, the children are supposed to be evacuated from villages close to the front line. In the last two weeks, at least twenty children have been evacuated. However, despite the heavy shelling of the Russian occupiers, not all parents agree to evacuate.

Situation in Huliaipole

The Russian occupiers use rockets and artillery to destroy the houses of the civilian population taking people’s lives in Huliaipole, which is 15 km from the front line. Without water, gas and electricity, about 2,000 Huliaipole residents remain in danger. There are still children among them.

Two months ago, up to ten children remained in almost completely destroyed Huliaipole. Parents refused to leave their hometown. Currently, there are two families left with four minors.

 About 20 families remain on the street where Svitlana Filimonenko, her mother and two daughters live. However, apart from Ms. Svitlana’s girls, there are no children here. Svitlana’s mother says that children play well together.

 “I’m against forced evacuation, but I promise that we’re leaving. We’re already packing up and we’re leaving. Well, this is forced evacuation. I’m against it. Because nobody is safe in Ukraine, and if we suffer from shelling somewhere in other place, no one will be responsible for this. I am responsible for my life here at this moment,” – says Svitlana Filimonenko.

Orikhiv under daily attacks

 At the same time, children were evacuated out of the city of Orikhiv half a year ago. Despite everything, elderly people who do not want to leave their homes remain there.

Without basic conditions of civilization, more than a thousand civilians live and hide from enemy aerial bombs in Orikhiv. They hear explosions every minute, hide in the ruins of their houses, but still hope for a peaceful life.

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Від Eva Mironova