The mother of a talented 12-year-old artist who has been drawing space since the age of 6, Oksana Brovchenko from occupied Berdyansk, told how the family left their hometown, how Max, a boy with autistic disorder, survived the evacuation and what “Cosmo” Max hopes for in Zaporizhzhia .

“Six months before the full-scale war, we were in Kyiv, went to a military store, and Max said: “Sell me a manual anti-tank grenade launcher. You see, there will be such a terrible war that I need weapons. The sellers said that they could not sell this, and the son said: “then at least give me five grenades”, – Oksana shared her memories.

At about 6-7 years of age, Maxim’s talent as an artist manifested itself. A boy from currently occupied Bedyansk, loved to draw space. The young artist told us that space scenes are the best thing he sees in his mind. In his imagination, this is beauty, infinity, and hope for the existence of the best worlds.

“I never wanted war. Neither did many Ukrainians, but unfortunately, it happened. As for my hometown, I have many memories of it: I remember how we got together with friends and ordered pizza, how we went together to Prymorsky Square. Of course, I want to return home. Now I dream of Victory. I want to rebuild everything that was destroyed. So that all Ukrainians live in peace and tranquility,” – says Maksym Brovchenko.

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