Шахрайство на Волині

The number of fraud cases has increased significantly in the Volyn region. In 2023, offenders already cheated Volyn residents of about 50 million hryvnias. It includes online scams, phone scams, and other fraud schemes.

Over the past 2022, the police of the Volyn region received more than 2,600 complaints about cases of fraud, and already in January-May 2023, the police received more than 1,900 complaints. The amount of damages amounted to more than 50 million. Thus, the police expect to exceed last year’s figures, and therefore urge the citizens to be cautious and protect their data from fraudsters. Above all, they urge people to protect their credit card information and not to prepay for goods online.

We found out the most typical schemes used by fraudsters and how Volyn residents can protect themselves from such criminals. Among the most popular schemes are phishing, phone scams, and the sale of fake goods.