Nina Mykolaivna Semeniuta worked at the Huliaipole meteorological station for more than 30 years. She is one of those people who are in love with her work. She devotes herself to the work and is sincerely interested in natural phenomena, but she is not afraid of the hard work at the station. Since 2001, she became the head of the station and was really in her place. Because of the war, her whole life changed, she had to leave her hometown in March 2023 and go to Zaporizhzhia.

But she continues to go home even today, despite the fact that the shelling of indomitable Huliaipole does not abate. In one of the last such visits, Nina Mykolaivna went to the weather station, which is currently closed, to collect and deliver to Zaporizhzhia special equipment for conducting agrometeorological observations. When she coped with it and was brought home, she had hardly set foot in the yard when a powerful shelling began.

The woman was very scared and thought that she would not survive, she did not even have time to run to the cellar, she fell. Fortunately, it was a lucky escape. Now she has moved on from that terrible event and is thinking about the next trip to the place where her heart remained.