About Us

The project “Media Literacy in Ukraine’s Regions” is an informational and educational resource aimed at informing the public about current events in the regions of Ukraine. The website’s materials are intended to provide opportunities for self-education in the field of information and media literacy. In fact, this project is so called “media literacy on practice”: we strive to provide our audience with accurate, verified, high-quality information, debunk fakes, and encourage readers to think critically.

An important part of the project is developing self-study electronic coursed on Moodle platform devoted to various aspects of media and information literacy. To this end, project trainers have developed e-courses on the following topics:

  • factchecking
  • journalism research and news sources
  • data security and online privacy
  • mobile journalism
  • writing for social media

Five more e-courses in the following areas are under development:

  • Critical thinking: cases from Russian-Ukrainian war
  • Conflict Journalism: Trauma Reporting
  • Tolerant Journalism: Stereotypes in Ukrainian local media
  • Countering hate speech in social media
  • Russian narratives and propaganda in media during the war

The project is financially supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by NGO “Interlink Academy” (Hamburg, Germany).

Reprinting of the website materials is permitted only in case that the source is cited.

Contact email of the editorial office: milukraine.interlink[at]gmail.com

Project coordinators: Erik Albrecht (Germany) and Katerina Sirinyok-Dolgaryova (Ukraine)

Our partners:

Zaporizhzhia: Zaporizhzhia National University, Faculty of Journalism
Dnipro: Media Investigations Center “PROZORO”
Sumy: LLC “Television company STS”
Khmelnytskyi: NGO “Women’s Anti-Corruption Movement”
Lutsk: The Center for Journalistic Investigations “Force of Truth”
Chernivtsi: Yu. Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Department of Journalism

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