In the occupied parts of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions, the Russian invaders, together with local collaborators, torture and kill people, and extort property. They take everything of even minimal value to the territory of the Russian Federation, from household items to the property of large industrial enterprises. The invaders are particularly interested in the products of the agricultural sector.

Millions of tons of Ukrainian grain are stolen by the representatives of Russian state administration, modern equipment of Ukrainian farmers is stolen by the occupiers of lesser rank. However, at the same time, almost every one of them regularly and cynically lies, talking about the development of industry and the flourishing of agriculture brought to the occupied territories.

Stories about the “agrarian paradise” in the occupation are expected to increase on the eve of the new harvest campaign, and the crop will undoubtedly also be taken out of the conquered regions—along with other loot.

We are debunking the most vivid agrarian fakes from the occupiers.

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Від Ivan Bilyi