Посуд Анастасії Солохи

Running a business in front-line Zaporizhzhia may seem like a risky business to many, but there are people who strive to develop their hometown and find strength and desire to create. Ceramic artist Anastasia Solokha is one of those people. Anastasia opened her own workshop in Zaporizhzhia about two years ago. All this time, she worked together with a partner, and recently she has hired several workers – they are residents of Polohy, who were forced to leave their homes and flee from the occupation.

The ceramist artist also actively supports the Armed Forces — she transfers 50% of the profit from the sale of several lines of original dishes to the needs of the military and participates in charity events. So, recently her plate, together with the works of other Ukrainian ceramicists, was delivered to Great Britain. Ceramics were presented for a charity raffle at Clay College. The total amount of funds received was about 8 thousand pounds. They were sent to support the humanitarian fund and the needs of the Armed Forces.