In October 2022, Antonina Zanfirova received a message that her son had died. The very next day, the military from the unit, where the soldier served, called and reported that Serhii was considered missing.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, hundreds of people have lost contact with their family members. Letters, calls, social networks and groups where any information about the captives is published become a reality for those who hope that their relatives may be alive, in captivity, and therefore eventually will return home.

Serhii, a native of Odesa, is a military serviceman and personnel officer. At first, he served in Kyiv region, and later he was transferred to Donetsk region. The last time the family spoke to him was almost 10 months ago, when the soldier was on a combat mission in the Bakhmut direction. After that, he stopped communicating.

Serhii’s mother was informed that the car in which he was traveling hit a mine. At the same time, his comrades, who were with him on the mission, came out of captivity and reported that Serhii was alive. Therefore, mother and wife make every effort to find him.