Mariia Adamchuk-Korotytska, the head of the Charity “Fight Cancer Foundation”, chose for herself the mission of helping others detect cancer at an early stage. Together with professional doctors, she organizes field examinations in Volyn. She knows firsthand about cancer, because she has overcome this disease twice. The foundation is already planning to conduct campaigns to inform the public about the importance of early detection of cervical, breast, skin, and lung cancer.

When did you get the idea to create “Fight Cancer Foundation”?

— Previously, there was a charitable foundation “Stoprak”, created in 2012. We helped children with cancer. Although from the very beginning, when this foundation was created, I wanted to help adults with breast cancer, because I had breast cancer. We were focused on children for a very long time. At some point, I realized that it was all a bit not mine. However, mine is prevention and early detection of cancer. Therefore, in 2020, we created a completely new charity fund and registered it, called it the “Fight Cancer Foundation”.

— The “Fight Cancer Foundation” organized visiting points for the detection of melanoma. When was it? Do you still plan to do it?

— Yes, before the full-scale invasion, we traveled a lot with professional oncologists and dermatologists, who checked for skin cancer and cervical cancer. There is a great need for medical examinations, because skin cancer is actually one of the most common types of cancer. Melanoma in 80% of cases begins on clean skin. It doesn’t have to be a birthmark.

— You have visits related to the detection of breast cancer. When are you planning to make such trips?

— We did it jointly with the Volyn cancer dispensary. A specialized car, mobile mammography, goes around the districts. As for skin and cervical cancer, we will start traveling to remote areas in August. We are planning to go to Kamin-Kashyrskyi, Kivertsi near Lutsk, to distant villages. We did not go to cities. The habit of being examined must be promoted.

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