Women in Volyn, who remained in Ukraine, are actively engaged in volunteering to help the Ukrainian military. In addition, some of them create their own initiatives.

Alla Yefremova, director of the Volyn Regional Library for Youth, contributes to the development of volunteering. In the library, they collect dry rations for the military, weave camouflage nets, camouflage suits, and collect Russian books for waste paper.

Volunteer Larisa Andreieva came from Kharkiv to Lutsk at the end of April last year by train with her family. On March 24, 2022, she and her husband came under fire when they went to the grocery store. Nearby, there was a huge line of people who were being given humanitarian aid near the post office of “Nova Poshta”. And all these people came under fire from the Russians.

Larisa came to volunteer at the library herself. She asked the library volunteers what she could be useful for.

Larisa weaves camouflage suits every day together with other volunteers.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, journalist Olha Sharuta has started conducting charity tours. In July, this year, Olha Sharuta initiated the first personal car collection for the 15th brigade of operative purpose. This year, she started a series of charity tours.

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