After the full-scale invasion of Russia, the holiday industry in Ukraine has changed. For a while, Ukrainians generally forgot about weddings and other holidays. War filled the entire space and air. But time passes and in a year and a half the situation has gradually changed. Now those in love no longer wait for the victory, but celebrate despite the war, because love always wins.

Yevheniia Inska, a well-known presenter in Zaporizhia, told how weddings are celebrated today in front-line Zaporizhzhia and how the format of events has changed.

Yevheniia says that now a lot of couples are getting married where the groom is a military man. It happens that the wedding is, let’s say, tomorrow, and the groom is coming today, and there is no certainty whether he will come.

Weddings with military personnel are filled with a special range of emotions. We understand that today he is here, and tomorrow he will leave, and it becomes especially sad, because the newlyweds, who could go on a trip, plan the future, buy a wardrobe, have to separate, and it is not known when they will see each other again. There is a certain tragic moment in this.