Analyzing recent budget expenditures of Zaporizhzhia city and regional structures, we could not help but pay attention to numerous advertising orders. Thus, taking into account the second year of the full-scale war, the amounts look much more modest than in similar orders of previous years. However, some positions really impressed us. So, who in Zaporizhzhia did not spare money on advertising and which orders were the largest?

There is nothing wrong with the fact that certain institutions want to tell more people about their work. It is obvious that in this way institutions want either to gain a higher level of trust or to attract a larger number of potential customers. However, one way or another, since we are talking about the expenditure of governmental funds, questions arise about the expediency and appropriateness of these orders here and now: in the middle of the great war.

Especially, taking into account, that Zaporizhzhia is on the front line, regularly suffers from enemy shelling and needs significant sums of money for reconstruction of what was destroyed by the Russians. The thesis that “the war will write everything off” becomes less relevant the further it goes. After all, no, it won’t write it off.