Russian propaganda tries to demonstrate that not only Russians but also foreigners, including representatives of the West, support the Russian Federation in the Russian-Ukrainian war. For this, the Russian mass media periodically cite various statements of these foreigners, in which they condemn the policies of the West, criticize Ukraine and categorically support the actions of the Russian Federation.

Among such foreigners are Xavier Moreau and Francois Maude Deme, who are presented by the Russian mass media as French. Upon closer examination of these men, it turns out that, although they are indeed French by origin, they have long associated their lives with Russia in general and Russian propaganda in particular.

Xavier Moreau has been living and working in Russia for almost a quarter of a century and has Russian citizenship. Francois Maude Deme became a local politician in the fictitious government of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic”. Despite this, in 2018, both of them worked as observers at the “elections” in the so-called “DPR” as representatives of France.

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Від Danylo Mokryk