The policy of the Russian Federation regarding children from the occupied part of the Donetsk region, like almost all other areas of activity of the Russian Federation in this region, is aimed at integration into the Russian space and the spread of propaganda.

They try to “integrate” the children by involving them in all-Russian organizations and actions, taking them to the territory of Russia and holding meetings with representatives of the Russian Federation in the occupied territory. Of course, the Russians also actively use their main tool – propaganda. In particular, in the so called “DPR”, for example, they plan to regularly conduct lessons for schoolchildren with the participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war, who are fighting on the side of Russia.

All this contributes to the growth of a generation for whom closeness to the Russian Federation and hostility towards Ukraine will be absolutely natural elements of the worldview. This will result in difficulties or even the impossibility of returning them in the future.

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Від Danylo Mokryk