Every day, IT volunteers from Bukovyna wage war on the network. Since 2014, they have expanded to seven areas of activity, distributed over several hubs, covering more than 120 soldiers of the information front. They are engaged in the creation of creative patriotic materials, information monitoring, search and identification of Russian soldiers who left traces of war crimes on the territory of Ukraine, took part in its occupation. The activity is aimed at spreading the truth about the war. Thanks to AI, they reach an audience of thousands. The people of Bukovyna have created a browser extension called “No Russia Content”, which prevents Russian information products from flooding the network. No monetization of Russian sites—no sponsorship of war. They are developing a secure closed messenger for the needs of the military “Brigade” and for the civilian population “DeCoder”. An important area of technology (Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS)) is where the projects “AeroDraco”—airship drones and “Shulika”—development of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles based on a deep neural network are implemented. They manufacture release systems for various types of drones, powerful power banks, and 3D print military components. “War Robot Che” is the design and development of automated ground-based robotic drones.

Today, Ukraine is a testing ground for the latest global cyber technologies, a global testing ground for digital wars. Individuals, small businesses, associations of youth entrepreneurs invest in volunteering. In this way, 100-150 thousand hryvnias are collected per month. Unfortunately, we would like more support from local authorities.