Ilia Donchenko, a physical education teacher at Zaporizhzhia High School 50, started conducting online lessons in a game format during distance learning and has already developed several quests for schoolchildren. He presented his idea of “warming-up quests” at the all-Ukrainian competition “Teacher of the Year-2023” and won.

There were 25 participants from each oblast and the city of Kyiv. Physical education teacher of Zaporizhzhia High School 50, Ilia Donchenko, represented Zaporizhzhia at the competition. Ilia’s teaching experience is 14 years, of which he has been working in high school for the last five years. In his video summary for the competition, the teacher said that during distance learning, he started conducting online physical education lessons in a game format, calling the activities “quests”. Children are much more interested in this format of lessons. They love physical education and this is a significant indicator!

Ilia Donchenko also spoke about his approach of working with students. In the lessons, he tries to develop in children such important qualities as tolerance, determination, perseverance. Every student should feel valued and respected, and in no case offended.