With the beginning of the counteroffensive, shelling of the front-line villages of the Zaporizhzhia region became more frequent. Every day, the military administration records about a hundred enemy attacks against the civilian population.

 The Russian occupiers are mostly shelling the villages in the immediate vicinity of the front – Orikhiv, Huliaipole, Malynivka, Mala Tokmachka, Stepnohirsk, etc. Every day, the Russian occupiers destroy people’s houses, infrastructure facilities, and enterprises. Ukrainian civilians are killed and injured.

 Over the past week, eight residents were killed in Orikhiv, and two dozen people were injured. The loudest tragedy that befell the people of Orikhiv occurred on July 9, when in the afternoon the Russian military launched a guided aerial bomb at the central point of Unbreakability.

Russian occupiers continue shelling the front-line Huliaipole, in the Zaporizhzhia region, and other villages of the territorial community. Civilians often die in Huliaipole, and those who survive do not have the basic conditions of civilization—drinking water, gas, electricity. In general, the humanitarian situation is approximately the same as in Orikhiv, plus a lot of destruction—daily enemy shelling. However, there are still families with children in Huliaipole, while from Orikhiv, the children were taken away three months ago.

 The Komyshuvakha community is also suffering, both rockets and projectiles of the Russian occupiers arrive almost every day. Despite everything, people who left at the beginning of the full-scale war are returning to Komyshuvakha.

The Komyshuvakha community is located 30 km from the front line, so it frequently suffers from enemy shelling. Before the war, 13 thousand people lived here. Now – only 8 thousand people remained.

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Від Eva Mironova