Viktoriia Abed is from Zaporizhzhia, at the beginning of the war she lived with her family in Kyiv and worked in one of the companies as a director of marketing and sales. However, from the first day of the full-scale invasion, the girl’s life changed radically, she immediately realized that she could not stand aside and wanted to help the army.

 Her path as a volunteer started from scratch, she had never been involved in fundraising and the purchase of military equipment and machinery. Despite all the difficulties, Viktoriia, together with her husband and a team of caring people, created the charity fund Help Ukraine Hub.

Now the Ukrainian woman lives and organizes purchases from Spain, where she left with her daughter a year ago. During this time, she managed to establish volunteer activities abroad, but it was difficult. Now it already has reliable suppliers and carriers that deliver everything the fighters need. Now Viktoriia is looking for ways to help even more effectively. She is not going to give up, because she is looking up to the Ukrainian military.