Psychologist Yana Sasina has been working in the “Psychologists at War” project for over a year, and during this time she and her team visited many settlements in Kyiv, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Psychologists provide support to people who need it after de-occupation, loss of homes due to Russian military bombing of the Kherson HPP, life near the front line and constant explosions. These people do not always understand that they require help, so the task of psychologists in the war is to demonstrate their availability, to show that they are nearby and ready to simply listen. People who would never have met a psychologist in their ordinary life will learn the value of this experience. This is how the culture of psychological help is formed and the value of mental experiences is created.

Yana Sasina said that sometimes such work takes a lot of strength, but most often it supports, gives a resource to overcome one’s own fears and pain.