Стратегія Луцька головна

In July 2023, the Lutsk City Council began developing a community strategy for the period until 2030. They do it with the support, financing and actually under the supervision of the Council of Europe. As part of the process, a strategic committee and thematic groups were formed, as well as sociological research and online surveys were conducted.

We found out who exactly is working on the development of such an important document for the community, how the work is done and what development priorities have already been determined. They also asked what it is like to plan a strategy in the conditions of difficulties and uncertainty imposed by a full-scale war.

It turned out that the development of the strategy became possible right now due to the victory of the city council in the selections for funding and support of the Council of Europe. This international organization finances and coordinates the process, as well as commissions sociological surveys and other forms of public opinion research.

As part of the development of the strategy, a strategic committee and relevant thematic groups were created, which conduct a SWOT analysis in ten different areas. However, some members of the committee say that the strategy development process is not inclusive enough, and some significant stakeholders in the city do not have the opportunity to influence decision-making.

Instead, the leadership of the city council fears that political conflicts and the so-called “destructive” representatives of the public may prevent the development of a balanced and realistic document.