Journalists from Volyn shared their experience of how to overcome difficulties during wartime and continue working in their profession during wartime. The stories of female journalists show their strength of character and courage in making difficult decisions.

Their example shows that in difficult moments in life, you should rely on yourself.

Nataliia Moroziuk, line producer of “Suspilne Lutsk” on February 24, 2022 was in Lutsk. She spent this day at work. Nataliia’s husband took her daughter with her mother to a town in Volyn. In the spring of 2022, her husband was mobilized. And then she had to take a sole responsibility for many things that she and her husband used to do together.

She had to refresh her driving skills to solve all the issues quickly. She has a driver’s license, but has not driven for many years. According to her, it was thanks to her daughter that she was able to find strength in herself. Nataliia tries to set a good example for her daughter, showing that even in times of war you can be strong.

When the full-scale invasion began, the correspondent of “Suspilne Lutsk” Larisa Andriichuk was also in Lutsk. Because of this, she had psychological and emotional difficulties. In the spring of 2022, she and her daughter left for Poland.

Her daughter entered university in Poland and lives there now. Larisa returned to work after vacation at her own expense. She said that the choice to return to Ukraine was not difficult. She did not see herself in Poland, she wanted to be useful in Ukraine. It was possible to overcome stress thanks to work with a psychotherapist and antidepressants.

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