Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technological innovations that can be used not only by journalists. Social engineering and cyber warfare are paying more and more attention to AI. In the hands of specialists from Media Hub Bukovyna, it became the newest weapon. With its help, they conduct information war with the aggressor.

With the help of AI, hundreds of thousands of comments are generated under posts in social groups administered by the occupiers and direct the discussion to the necessary line. It is social engineering, which manages the perception of the news and models the discussion in the parameters set by the communicator. It may appear to the average user that they are communicating, but in reality, hackers are running a bot and the enemy spends energy convincing it.

The real war is practically supplemented by the online war, suppressing and exhausting the emotional resources of the enemy. AI allows you to reach and manage huge audiences. Across Ukraine, networks of similar hubs create and direct huge communication flows in the interests of our state. “Media Hub Bukovyna” has a vision for the implementation of information attacks, strategies, and approaches. Cyber warriors plan and carry out operations on the enemy’s information field: they block work, destabilize the situation, bring chaos, panic, and irrational moods into the environment of the occupiers.

There will be more and more AI models in the future, so we must learn to work with technologies and use them for Ukrainian victory. Such information activities work for national interests.