Traditionally, there is an impression that the problem of IDPs is an issue only in the eastern regions. However, the hostilities affect the whole Ukraine. For the West, the war turned out to be a great challenge, because it is necessary to host and provide resources for a significant number of displaced persons.

There are 120,000 of them in Bukovyna. In a year and a half, the population of the region grew by 15%. This is a difficult challenge for the community. The most difficult is to accommodate all those people. About 10% of IDPs live in compact housing: in kindergartens, schools, premises of local public utilities. The conditions are different. There are rooms where six to eight people live. The authorities built a modular town, but it is designed for 250 people only. They are working on another housing project for 600 displaced people. However, they would like to offer such a housing format as one or two-room apartments, because there are people who have nowhere to go.

In the region, old communal premises are being converted into housing, attracting investors. Many IDPs would like to find work, but employment has also become a problem. In the east, the salary level was higher, in Bukovyna salaries are lower, so many people are not ready to work for such money. The option is to start the own business through grant support programs, or within the framework of the “eRobota” state program. Through this program, IDPs received about 2 million hryvnias for their projects. International investors have joined the iniciatives and are discussing the idea of a regional grant program to support IDPs.

Bukovyna operates in the mode of maximum economy and maximum load, solving a complex of difficulties faced by the displaced people. Winter is going to be challenging too, because people may arrive from the frontline areas, where there is no heating, water, or electricity. Therefore, the region is preparing to force majeure.