Despite the fact that the front line is 40 kilometers from Zaporizhzhia, life in the front-line city does not stop. Children are born there, new businesses start working, people go to cafés and donate to the Armed Forces, and they also believe that everything in the country will be fine.

The main thing is to fight the enemy and bring the victory closer. Anna Serdiukova, a woman from Zaporizhzhia, lives, works and raises a child with her husband with this message in mind.

The lady is quite well-known in Zaporizhzhia, because before, in addition to work, she was engaged in the organization of many charitable, environmental and educational projects, and was also a secretary of the Zaporizhzhia City Youth Council.

Now she is on maternity leave, her daughter Olivia  will be 12 months old in October. During the maternity leave, Ania could not just idle, together with a friend she recently opened an unusual flower shop in Zaporizhzhia. Moreover, the lady is actively involved in charity raising money for the needs of the military. She knows how to do it effectively.