A number of public organizations are working on the implementation of the project “Gender audit for the security of Lutsk”. For this, the city’s Station neighborhood was chosen, where the safety of buildings, institutions, streets, and other public spaces is checked, and local residents are interviewed.

The project manager of the NGO “Development of Volyn”, city council deputy Alla Domanska, and the head of the “Laboratory of gender studies” of Lesia Ukrainka Volyn National University Oksana Yarosh told us about the gender security audit  and its results.

Six research groups were involved in field research within the project, including people from different social categories, and people with disabilities. Their task was to inspect both state and communal institutions, as well as private ones. In particular, they checked the railway station, the regional hospital, supermarkets, shopping and sports centers.

The audit also covered public spaces, streets and residential areas. In addition, as part of the audit, a survey of local residents was conducted regarding the safety and accessibility of public spaces for various social categories.

The preliminary conclusions of the audit show that in the Lutsk Railway Station neighborhood, many sidewalks are not suitable for wheelchairs, or for walking with a baby stroller. There is also a problem due to inadequate fencing of places where street repairs are carried out.