Підтримка ВПО на Волині головна

During the full-scale war, Volyn officially received tens of thousands of internally displaced persons. And unofficially even more, taking into account those who decided not to register. Most of them were here temporarily, but there are also those who decided or were forced to stay in Volyn until now.

During this time, the nature of assistance to IDPs has changed from meeting the basic needs of food, clothing, and medicine to more stable, long-term solutions that help them build a new life and integrate into the community in Volyn. We spoke with representatives of three organizations that actively help displaced people “get used to living” in Volyn.

In particular, the “Rokada” charitable foundation in Volyn conducts integration activities in communities with the involvement of both local residents and internally displaced persons. They also support the opening of integration spaces and public organizations and initiatives that IDPs independently created in Volyn.

In 2024, the regional representative office of the NGO “Crimea SOS” plans to provide systematic consultations to IDPs who want to find a job, retrain or open their own business. They also plan to provide micro-grants for business start-up and development.

NGO “Algorithm of Action” joined the all-Ukrainian campaign Re:Ukraine Housing to provide IDPs with temporary housing. In particular, in Zhydychyn near Lutsk, they are arranging a location to build such houses. Currently, they have created a model of a modular house and plan to present this idea to international donors to attract additional resources.