2.8 million Ukrainians. According to different and rather approximate calculations, such number of people were transferred to Russia or to its “friendly” Belarus. These people were either forcibly removed or put in conditions where they themselves were forced to leave their homes.

“Now, looking for information about the deportees, we find information about the Khabarovsk Territory, Yakutia, the Far East, and Siberia. That is, almost everywhere. And the most terrible thing in this process is that we understand that they are doing this in order to make the return of these people impossible”, —notes the historian and researcher of the project “Where Are Our People?” Vladyslav Havrylov.

Deportation. These are millions of ruined destinies. These are destroyed and emptied cities. This is a war crime. This means that the stories of the deported Ukrainians must be heard, because this is the only way to punish the aggressor for what he did.

In this text, we tell the story of a man from Mariupol and his 3-year-old son, who were forced by the Russians to leave their home and taken out of Ukraine.