Zakhar Tkachuk is from Lutsk, he has been working in the field of youth policy at the national level for many years. Today, he is the director of the NGO “Youth Platform” and an expert in the creation and strengthening of youth centers. With the start of the full-scale war, he also coordinates the Volyn office of the “SpivDia” charitable foundation, which helps internally displaced persons and war victims.

Currently, “Youth Platform” takes care of a large network of institutions throughout Ukraine, aimed at quality leisure time, development and support of young people. They are called youth centers. Our conversation with Zakhar Tkachuk is about the role and prospects of such centers, as well as programs and opportunities that can help young people stay and be successful in Ukraine.

The expert said that there are more than 150 youth centers in Ukraine, which became humanitarian hubs during the full-scale war, and help to inform, develop and motivate young people to stay in Ukraine. However, Zakhar Tkachuk admits that without a clear state strategy for future development, it is difficult to motivate young people to start their own business. If the war drags on for a long time, support programs and motivation will not be effective.