Svitlana Hunchyk from Volyn became an entrepreneur more than a year ago and is developing her business despite the war.

She worked in journalism for a while, and after that she became the head of the information policy department of the Volyn regional state administration. In 2018, she resigned from her official position. After that, Svitlana Hunchyk radically changed her profession and now works for herself: she sews custom clothes and creates original jewelry. Her workshop and showroom “NamystA” is located in the center of Lutsk, where you can buy original jewelry or order tailoring of clothes individually.

She has sewed all her life, and learned it from her mother. Svitlana says that, regarding her own case, she has gone through her own path, which she had to go through. When she left the civil service, she thought what she would do next. She realized that she did not want to return to the civil service or journalism either. What she really liked was sewing and making jewelry. In Kyiv, she went to study at a design school, which she graduated from. Studying in Kyiv helped to fill gaps in knowledge of technical processes, design, and modeling. In addition, Svitlana graduated from a corset school in Kyiv. Now Svitlana knows how to sew corsets close to historical ones:

Now Svitlana Hunchyk works in the niche of creating clothes for individual tailoring in Lutsk.

“I don’t work for mass audience. This is when the shop sews out batches. This is absolutely not mine. It works for me like this: people come, they make an order, we discuss it with them. Someone comes with a clear idea, someone just wants to get a new dress. And we also discuss and decide what can be made from the fabric,” – she said.

She also noted that her husband supports her a lot. It was he who suggested that she create her own business and work for herself. Now she also creates patriotic jewelry.

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