This year, the government does not allocate money for heating the front-line villages of Zaporizhzhia. Heads of territorial communities say: in order to help local residents, it will be necessary to involve charitable organizations.

We tried to find out what are the “winter” prospects of the Komyshuvakha, Stepnohirsk, and Huliaipole communities of the Zaporizhzhia region, which are constantly suffering from enemy’s shelling.

The Stepnohirsk Territorial Community of the Zaporizhzhia Region consists of 9 villages. The city of Stepnohirsk, 10 km from the front – closer to occupied Vasylivka – was almost completely destroyed. There is no centralized gas and water supply here. Winter will not be easy for the Stepnohirsk community of the Zaporizhzhia region: the state program for the allocation of firewood or pellets is not working this year. Moreover, given the constant enemy shelling, it is not worth hoping for electricity in winter. Local residents, of whom there are 900 left out of 6,000, prepare stoves in basements and generators on their own so as not to freeze and hide from shelling.

The front-line Komyshuvakha of the Zaporizhzhia region, located 40 km from the front, is also preparing for winter. There are 30 villages in the territorial community, most of which are not supplied with natural gas. Only the center of Komyshuvakha and two more villages are. So most families heat their homes with firewood and coal in winter. Currently, the community is attracting charitable funds to help vulnerable sections of the population purchase firewood.

Unbreakable Huliaipole also cooperates with charitable organizations: this is the only way to survive this winter. About 2,000 residents remain in the city, which has been without gas, electricity, centralized water supply and not a single surviving house for almost two years. As an island of hope, there is an invincibility point and local hospitals are kept. Now they are being prepared for the heating season.

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Від Eva Mironova