In Zaporizhzhia, combined modular shelters started to be installed. They are constructed in a way that its one part can be used as a shelter itself and another one as a retail outlet. They are to be installed at the expense of entrepreneurs, who will be selected by representatives of the city council. On the one hand, such shelters are definitely better than none at all. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the issue of the shelters themselves is secondary in this process, the main motivation of the officials is to legalize the stalls in the city center. The questions arise as follows: according to what principle these shelters will be established, with whom the first contract was signed and what are the future plans of the city?

This first shelter is being built by the business itself. But the city already has modules on which millions of budget funds have been spent. And, according to the acting mayor’s previous statements, the city plans to order additional buildings as well.

How are they used? It is often simply impossible for ordinary citizens to check this. After all, for example, in January 2023, the information was published on the city council’s website that modular shelters would appear in the city. 8.3 million hryvnias were allocated for them then. However, it later turned out that some of them are available only to workers of utility companies. There were also questions about the shelters open to the rest of the citizens. The main thing is that these shelters are not always suitable for hiding. Yes, the buildings should have ventilation, blankets and water supplies. However, in reality there are only benches, and due to the lack of cleaning service, there is also garbage.

In addition, members of the public found a number of deviations from state building regulations. People have already written complaints regarding the inspection of modular shelters, and also demand a re-inspection of the shelters and bring them up to the requirements of building regulations.