The “Unbreakable Mothers” center has been operating in Lviv for more than a year. It is a place where postpartum and pregnant women with IDP status find temporary shelter and other assistance. Here, mothers with children are provided with the essentials for a comfortable stay. The center can host approximately 100 women and children at the same time. Currently, 11 women and 28 children are living there. The peculiarity of the center is that only pregnant women or women with children under the age of 1 can be accommodated. A woman can live there with other children; the age of the youngest child is taken into account. Accommodation for men is not provided.

Tetiana Kondakova was one of the first to receive shelter in the center. At the beginning of April last year, Tatiana, together with her mother and two children, left Bakhmut, which was not yet occupied by Russian troops. It was too dangerous for the family to stay there, the final decision to evacuate was made when rockets started flying into the yard. 

“We fled Bakhmut when the house was already shaking, missiles were constantly flying, and they started lending into the yard. It was very scary”.

The total area of two two-story buildings is 1300 m2. Each house has a spacious communal kitchen and dining room, toilets, showers, laundry, and lounge areas. Each mother has a separate bedroom where she can stay with her children. The rooms are equipped with sleeping places, a changing table and a place to store things. There is also a spacious children’s room in the center. There is a playground and a lake in the yard.