In December 2023, at the “Kyiv Book Weekend” book festival, the “Klub Simejnoho Dozvillia” publishing house announced the top 10 Ukrainian authors with the largest circulations of books for all the years of the publishing house’s existence. A writer from Khmelnytskyi Olha Salipa was also included in the list.

She conquered the great literary world more than three years ago, when her debut novel “Olia” about the Ukrainian writer Olha Kobylianska won the grand prize of the International Literary Competition “Coronation of the Word”. Since then, the author has written more than a dozen works: a series of retro novels, where the events take place in Proskurov at the beginning of the 19th century, the novels “Broken Things” and “Deceiver”, as well as the teenage book “Treasures. The secret of the castle-ship”.

Recently, Olha Salipa signed a contract with a publishing house for a novel. The work will be based on the stories of various women who lost their loved ones in the war, it will be about their everyday life until February 24 and in the first month after the full-scale invasion. The writer emphasizes: there are a lot of such women in Ukraine. They can be shop assistants, volunteers or famous politicians. At the same time, not all families lived in love, as it is often idealized. The author wants such women to be at least minimally understood and supported.

“I plan to make this book not sad and tearful. Now, there are many authors who overuse these trigger topics, because it is a cheap way to gain empathy and affection from the reader. I don’t like that kind of thing because I think it’s a bit of manipulation. I want this piece of mine to be not only about losses, but also, foremost, about love,” commented Olha Salipa.