For the last ten years, we have been living in a constant stream of reforms. Somewhere we get improvement, and somewhere deterioration. Along with public institutions, private initiatives are also developing in our country. In the sphere of education, traditional municipal institutions and private schools and kindergartens are successfully operating. One of such private kindergartens has been around in Khmelnytskyi for more than 8 years. Iryna Kravchuk, director of the private enterprise “Preschool educational institution “I love Montessori” shares their experience in this interview.

“The Montessori method is the creation of favorable conditions for the information that the child will assimilate. We create these conditions, the child absorbs. Our work is to create an environment for a child and provide information to perceive,” – said the director of the kindergarten, Iryna Kravchuk.

In Montessori, the environment has five directions, five lines. That is, a mathematical zone, a language and speech development zone, a practical zone, a naturalistic zone and sensorial zone. We work in these areas. The environment for five zones, respectively, five kinds of materials for work and the whole work flow is built as well, including these five lines and work in a circle. Moreover, the class takes place casually, in a circle, in a conversation.

We also spoke with Anna Vynohradova, deputy director and English teacher, who shared her experience and impressions of working at the “I love Montessori” kindergarten.

“I have been working here since the first day of establishment of this institution. Why am I here? Probably because the idea and concept of this institution resonated in my heart, precisely according to Maria Montessori’s system. Moreover, it so happened that we developed a good relationship within our the team, this probably kept us here for 8 years. Because this is our little “Montessori family”. This is our comfort zone, where we feel good, where we feel happy. This is what saves us in the difficult times of the war,” said Anna Vynogadova.

We also heard feedback from parents whose children attend kindergarten. Here’s what they said.

“Like every mother, when choosing a kindergarten for her child, I worried about whether there would be proper care, upbringing and care for the child, especially when the child is very small (my daughter Liza was 1.7 years old when I brought her to kindergarten). I approached the matter responsibly! First, I was interested in nutrition (since I work as a fitness trainer and understand the impact of food on the foundation of the health of a child/person). In this aspect, Montessori turned out to be the best among all!” – says Iryna Vyshnevska, a fitness trainer and mother of two children.

Від Alona Bereza