In the first half of 2023, we all had the opportunity to observe spending often absurd and sometimes even crazy costs in many Ukrainian communities. After dozens of very similar scandals with the largest costs, the parliament has decided to intervene. Here they decided to direct local “military” taxes to the central budget, from where the funds should be directed to defense. Monitoring of budget expenditures in Sumy Oblast showed significant overpayments in tenders.

The company “Timvel” won a number of tenders for capital repairs of various buildings in the region. It belongs to the ex-Deputy of Sumy Oleksandr Tymchuk. One of the tenders won by the “Timvel” company was for the overhaul of the “Golden Key” kindergarten in Sumy.

We found significant overpayments for construction materials in the tender documentation. We found another tender with overpayments in the Chupakhiv settlement council in Sumy Oblast, which commissioned the construction of a water pipeline worth 95 million hryvnias. It should be built by October 2025.

Last year, local journalists published a recording of a conversation between Sumy Oblast Governor’s advisor Oleksandr Beznis and the management of “Sumy Oblast Roads” on the impact on tenders for the maintenance of regional roads for the next three years.