According to the data of the Sumy Local Government, about 8,000 different objects have been damaged or destroyed in the region, so one of the most important issues for the region now is reconstruction. In this story we tell how the region is being rebuilt, which regions suffered the most and at whose expense they will be rebuilt.

In the Okhtyrka community, 67 apartment buildings (which is about 2,600 apartments) and 682 individual residential buildings were damaged during the full-scale invasion. Reconstruction of the above-mentioned residential buildings was carried out by the community at the expense of the budget.

Bilopillia District of Sumy Oblast borders Russia. The community suffered large-scale destruction both during the occupation and has been suffering now, when regular shelling takes place already from the territory of Russia. In the Bilopillia community, 586 objects were damaged, almost 100 more were destroyed. As of the beginning of November this year, 322 objects have been restored – these are both infrastructure objects of the city and residential buildings.

Shostka district was under Russian occupation for more than a month. After the liberation, the locals continue to be subjected to regular shelling from the Russian side. Another community of the Shostka district is Seredyno-Budsk, which is located near the Russian border. They say that 670 real estate objects were damaged in the community, including 240 apartments. Almost two dozen objects were completely destroyed and cannot be restored.

While this is happening, people have left the border communities en masse – both because of damaged or destroyed housing, and because of a lack of employment. Therefore, several important challenges arise for the state and local authorities: not only to rebuild the destroyed housing of citizens and infrastructure, and not only to create jobs, but also to fight corruption and unscrupulous officials at the local level.