A family with many children in the front-line city of Prymorske survives under shelling. The family has seven children from 2 to 15 years old. The village itself, in addition to enemy attacks with rockets and shells, has other problems during the war.

Stepnohirsk of the Zaporizhzhia region is 15 km from the front – closer to the occupied Vasylivka, from where the Russian military is constantly shelling the villages of the territorial community. And, despite the fact that children were evacuated from Stepnohirsk, there are at least a dozen families with children who do not want to leave, and stay in the village of Prymorske. Moreover, a large family lives there.

The front-line village of Prymorske in Stepnohirsk territorial community of the Zaporizhzhia region is located on the shore of the Kakhovka Reservoir, which is currently drained due to the Russian occupiers blowing up the Kakhovka HPP this summer.

The enemy often fires at the village from the occupied territories: from both sides – through the drained reservoir, and immediately from behind the village – the territory of occupied Vasylivka.

Despite constant enemy shelling, 1,500 residents remain in Prymorske. Among them are at least twenty children. Moreover, even a large family stays there – Halyna and her husband have seven children – from two to fifteen years old.

“The children don’t want to leave, because it’s easier for them here: at home, as at home, you see. The children here study online. When there is the Internet, we study. The elders help the younger ones, the younger ones help the very little ones: this is our life,” – says the mother of many children.

The mother of seven children says that half a year ago, when there was heavy shelling, she and her children went to Zaporizhzhia to live with relatives. However, they returned because the children are more comfortable at home.

We learned the details of the life of a large family in a village close to the front.

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