There is one more former representative of now-banned Ukrainian political party “Opposition Block” in the Office of the President. Previously, the position of the deputy head of the Office was given to Rostyslav Shurma, the ex-leader of the legendary “Zaporizhstal” steel plant and one of the members of the 2019 “Oppoblock”. Now Roman Omelianovych, a former manager of the affairs of the Zaporizhzhia City Council, who also once worked at “Zaporizhstal”, founded the company on Bankova Street.

In mid-September, Omelianovych was appointed a freelance adviser to Shurma in the Office of the President. It is important that Omelianovych became an adviser in the midst of the “great purge” – it was in the fall of 2023 that the Office of the President began to dismiss the already over-inflated staff of various types of advisers. A “random” person would definitely not be able to get into this position at such a time.

Therefore, we decided to recall his work at “Zaporizhstal”, and his attempts to “capture” the city council, and his cooperation with the “Opposition Block”. In addition, we try to finally answer the questions “Who are these mysterious “advisors” from the President’s Office?”, and “What do they do and why are there so many of them?”