The war affected every family in our country. We all experience stress every day, and everyone experiences it differently. However, children suffer the most. Especially those who are deprived of parental care, even living with them under the same roof.

Since the beginning of the year, 156 children have been temporarily admitted to healthcare institutions in Zaporizhzhia. The main reasons for which children were forced to be taken away from their families are the parents’ negligent attitude to their duties and the threat to the child’s life and health.

As Nataliya Syvoraksha, head of the children’s service of the Zaporizhzhia City Council, said, after preventive work with their parents, 67 children were returned to their families, 4 children were placed in a foster family, 16 children were temporarily placed with relatives, acquaintances, and 3 children were placed in the Center of social support for families and children “Cozy Home”, one child – to the crisis room. All others were evacuated to social and psychological rehabilitation centers in Kyiv, Lviv and Lviv region.