Жінки та діти в таборі для ВПО в Польщі

She has a higher education, works, raises a child or two: this is a portrait of an average Ukrainian woman who fled because of hostilities and chose one of the European countries to live. 45 percent of women have already learned the language of the country of their temporary stay, and 40 percent do not receive any social benefits. At least a third of women are currently not going to return to Ukraine. It will be a real disaster for the economy of the country and for the development of the nation in the future.

How do women live abroad and what conditions do they need to return – the public organization “Center Pobratym” from occupied Melitopol conducted a study and shared the results with us. In short: Ukraine needs the return of women, and it is necessary to start this huge and important work for the nation right now.

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Від Ivan Bilyi