The craftswoman Olena Yashina has been making machine decoration of fabric products for over ten years. Previously, her clients were various companies, in particular, from the beauty industry. However, with the beginning of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, the woman changed her business.

At first, at the request of the military, she produced chevrons free of charge. Later, the fighters asked her to decorate their military clothes with Ukrainian ornaments. Elena succeeded in this and more than a year later, she has more than enough orders. The craftswoman says that defenders wear her embroidered battle dresses not only on holidays, but also take them to the front lines.

Several people work in the workshop team. There are also schoolgirls from Druzhkivka and Bakhmut. In addition, Olena, works with foundations that take care of women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. They master a new profession in the workshop and can work in this industry. Olena also dreams of opening a factory where it would be comfortable to work for a woman who has children.