The war and numerous scandals could not become safeguards against the hyperactive use of budget funds in Ukraine. The news feeds are full of information about the hundreds of millions of hryvnias spent by state and municipal bodies on the construction of stadiums and bike paths, information support of city councils and strategies for the development of municipal enterprises. Moreover, this is far from an exhaustive list of expenses, the expediency of which raises many questions.

However, the lion’s share of the budget hryvnias is now being spent on a supposedly noble and important cause – the reconstruction of what was damaged or destroyed by the Russians. “Supposedly”, because officials and contractors have already managed to turn this process into a dubious business. In one of its stories, “Bihus.Info” already talked about one-day firms, relations with customers and bogus owners in reconstruction.

We decided to investigate another problematic side of such purchases – the financial one. After all, overspends due to overestimation of prices, incorrect calculation of the expected cost and reluctance of customers to check the final cost of works fall on the shoulders of taxpayers. A striking example is the purchase of capital repairs of one of the educational institutions in the city of Kamianske. The cost of the works, which will most likely be performed by the winner of the tender, LLC “Building company “Zhytlobud-1”, is very significant – 41 million hryvnias. Moreover, the potential overpayment is not small either – at least 3 million hryvnias.