After the attack on the village of Hruzevytsia of the Chornoostrivska community on May 13, 2023, buildings were damaged not only in Khmelnytskyi, but also in the surrounding villages. Most of the damage was repaired immediately. However, there are still houses that need restoration.

More than 2,500 buildings were inspected in Khmelnytskyi and in the villages nearby, according to Deputy Mayor Vasyl Novachok. 914 households received building materials for restoration: slate, glass, roofing metal profile.

Based on the results of the surveys, 920 damage reports were drawn up. Residents could have their houses repaired in two ways.

The first way is the Action program “ERecovery”. The Khmelnytskyi City Executive Committee approved the possibility to use the program for 105 people. The total amount of funds already received by the residents of the territory through this program is 5 million hryvnias.

“The maximum payment was 200,000 hryvnias. There were also small amounts—2,000 each, when people only had cracked putty. In most cases, it was about 100,000 hryvnias,” says Vasyl Novachok.

Another way to receive compensation is monetary support from the local budget. In Khmelnytskyi, the Procedure for providing monetary assistance to victims/owners/tenants of real estate housing fund was approved.

“In contrast to “ERecovery”, here people receive help already after they have completed certain works. For example, they installed windows because they live in a damaged apartment and cannot wait. They bring us a package of documents with confirmation of payment, invoices or payment receipts,” explains the deputy mayor.

According to the decision of the commission, 123 people have already received such assistance in the amount of 1 million 640 thousand hryvnias. The maximum threshold for this type of payment is 50,000 hryvnias.