Reconstruction of buildings destroyed by Russian army and new shelling. Russian occupiers not only physically kill Ukrainians, but also destroy the history of an independent country.

 The Russian military continues to shell Zaporizhzhia with missiles. On the night of October 18, the old part of the city faced a large-scale rocket attack. The stadium, local church, infrastructure facilities were damaged. However, the most tragic thing is that one of the enemy rockets hit an old residential building. Five people died, five more were injured.

 — How was it… Well, a second, an explosion and that’s it. And my dead son is next to me, – says Kateryna, who was wounded that terrible night. But the woman does not pay attention to her injuries, because what hurts much more is the death of her son and 20-year-old daughter-in-law, who were found under the rubble later.

The house that was hit by a Russian missile is located in the historical center of Zaporizhzhia. Although people’s lives are incomparably more important than old bricks, one cannot fail to say the same about the architectural component. Namely, it was the murder of Ukrainian history committed by the Russian occupiers.

The building of the mid-50s of the last century was designed by the famous architect Georgy Wegman, in fact, like the historic five-story buildings of the same period in the city center.

At the same time, five residential buildings blown up by enemy troops last fall are being rebuilt in Zaporizhzhia.

Among them is an architectural monument included into the Register of Monuments of Ukraine, which was hit by a Russian C300 missile on October 6, 2022. Then the entrance to the house was completely destroyed. Whole families died there, while peacefully sleeping at night: 15 people who will no longer be able to return to the rebuilt housing.

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