Anastasiia Parmezanka (Anastasiia Melnyk) is the owner and head of the Parmezan acting school in the city of Khmelnytskyi, director and actress. She has loved to perform since childhood. Perform in any form. She went to a music school, wrote poems and has always wanted to be on stage. She thought that all this should lead her to a theater university. However, it was not possible to convince her parents of the seriousness of this profession. Since she went to a music school, her mother convinced her to go to a music academy, and only when she turns 20 years old, to decide independently where to study. Therefore, she began her studies at the Khmelnytskyi Pedagogical Academy. She entered the Faculty of Arts and performed there.

It was the love of the stage that contributed to the fact that Anastasiia opened the first acting school in the regional center. First in an hourly rented room, and then in her own. Currently, the pupils are studying in two buildings.

I realized that this could be relevant, and children would come. They participate in various competitions. It turned out that I made such a call, and two groups gathered. There were already about 20 children. I worked with them for, I think, 3–4 months, and then we went to the first competition. That was our first result. We took second and third place there. This is a very good result,”— recalls the founder of the acting school.

Anastasia Parmezanka’s pupils performed at all-Ukrainian competitions, and the trio “Mimchiki-Parmezanchyky” received three “Yes” in the popular TV show “Ukraine’s got talent. Children”. Pupils of the school appear in TV shows and movies. However, the founder’s dream is to open her own film school, and radically change secondary education in Ukraine, so that the children would be able to adapt to life thanks to their acting abilities.

Від Alona Bereza