The municipal enterprise of the Dnipro City Council “Zemgrad” was reorganized into the municipal enterprise “City Territory Development” at the end of 2021. Behind the loud, but not too specific name, the same vague powers were hidden: utility workers are engaged in both the provision of services in the field of public catering and advertising. However, they also have one main task, on which the bulk of funds are spent. It is about ensuring the effective operation of sports and children’s playgrounds, and if we put it simpler: about ordering repairs, inventory and current supervision of their condition. Therefore, on these completely daily and sometimes even banal purchases, “City Territory Development” overpays millions of hryvnias. In some cases, the estimated amount of excess costs reaches as much as 50% of the value of the signed contract.

“More than 55 sets of equipment at children’s playgrounds have already been repaired this year. Next year, the “City Territory Development” plans to repair about 70 objects, the list of which is still being formed,” –

Oleksandr Chub, director of the utility company, said in a comment to a local publication a few weeks ago. The scale of overpayments, given this statement, is not too difficult to imagine.